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Canterbury, Whistable

& Herne Bay District Scouts

Setting people up with #skills for life

Scouts are do-ers and give-it-a-go-ers. Yes, we go camping, hiking, swimming, abseiling, cycling and canoeing. But we also get to hang out with our friends every week – having fun, playing games, working in a team and taking on new challenges


Everyone is welcome. Every week, our District help over a thousand people aged 4-25 develop skills for life. Are you ready to join the adventure?

4-6 years
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101/2 -14 years
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6-8 years
14-18 years
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8-101/2 years
18-25 years
This is Scouts
Have you thought of volunteering

Being a volunteer has changed me quite drastically. I never thought I'd be able to lead children in activities. I didn't have the capability or confidence. Now I do.

Chris, Section Leader

It’s a fantastic way to give young people some of the skills I have learnt. It’s therapy I have been able to continue scouts through some very difficult times.

Beryl, Active Support Unit/Cub Scout Leader


Our district camp site
Ross Wood

Supporters of the Scout Association
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Join the adventure

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