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GROW 100



What we want to do

Kent Scouts is Going for Growth with the aim to have 25,000 members by 2025.

Why we want to do it

Scouting is all about supporting young people in their personal development and we know it’s good for our volunteers too, but we have loads of young people on 'of age' waiting lists and there are communities we have yet to reach. By planning for growth, we can involve more young people and become more inclusive.

How we can get there

Kent Scouts have asked each District to Grow by 50 members each year. However, in Canterbury demand for Scouting has never been greater. So we have set ourselves the challenge to


GROW 100


to help us reach 1,225 members by 2025. Everyone can play their part and, essentially, if each Section grows by 3 members a year, by 2025 we’ll reach our target!



You are not excluded from taking part in the Kent Scout Scheme, getting entered in their prize draw if you have grown your Group.

see details here 

Kent scouts will not charge their county levy on capitation for every new (growth) member you declare on census. So if you had 15 cubs on census this year and declare 18 cubs on the next census you will not get the County Levy on 3 of your members.

Canterbury District Scouts have agreed like wise to not place the District capitation levy on growth numbers. So if you have 15 cubs declared at last census and grow to 18, three of your members will only be charged the HQ levy.


We know that it is not a quick or easy fix to 'just grow numbers' and there are many factors to reaching our target for growth.


  • Our Programme Team are available to support with learning opportunities for your teams, programme ideas, and getting parents involved.

  • We have a Road Show that can be taken out to local fetes and events to promote your Group or Section to target more adult support.

  • We are looking at how the District can be proactive in growth opportunities, supporting events at a District level, making Scouting more visible and encourage more adults to volunteer in Scouting

To find out more or to ask for specific support please contact the District Growth Team here


Our road show equipment is kept at Ross Wood and fits into most estate cars. You can customise your own literature via the Scout Brand Centre.

To book the Road Show please contact us here

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